Snow- Excited or Not?

shoveling snow2Certainly the fact that a snow storm is coming our way this weekend here in Central Maine really doesn’t shock me. I was born and raised in snow country and I say bring it on. We Mainers have developed a style of driving that wasn’t taught in drivers education. It is called the school of hard knocks. We started driving when were 10 years old. I remember my dad telling us to grab the wheel and scared? Yes, but excited too. He was preparing us for driving in a blazing snow storm with summer tires. If you can drive with summer tires on and rear wheel drive you can drive in a frozen tundra. Somehow I believed my dad. As I got older the driving lessons were more intense. We were taught that if the rear end of the car swung one way you would turn to steering wheel the opposite way to counter. He was right. I got older and the new car engineers decided to put the drive into the front end . So all the years of being taught one way, had really screwed me in the years to follow. I have come to the conclusion that you can be taught one way but to always remember that someone else out there is going to change it. I can look back as a child, the snow throwing machines that we were. My brothers and I could shovel a driveway in mach 1 speed. Some engineer decided to add a motor to the shoveling mechanism and the life of a shovel was no more. The plow factor was another thing. When we heard the word plow it meant going out into fields to plow up the potatoes. One farmer decided to become an engineer and he made a blade that would fit on a tractor and stole the word plow. Today they attach these to tractors or pick-em-up trucks. No wonder kids today are out of shape, they do not get to work because design changes made sure you could sit on a couch and run a robot to do these functions. So we have a snowstorm that is coming our way here in New England and I have no doubt that I will be able to drive my 4×4 with my plow in the yard and clean the driveway in short time. I will be in the house drinking a hot cocoa and eating popcorn, and leave the shovel to the dog for a play toy. Come here Rocker! Come! Come!


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