Land Beneath The Shelf

 images I was out ice fishing one cold morning and I was ready for catching some fish. I set all my traps and had brought a doughnut and some coffee to keep me satisfied until lunch time. I was checking my last trap when all of a sudden I heard a crack sound and it sounded like it was on the move. I could see a large gap coming my way so I started running as fast as possible to get back to the shoreline. I was way out in the middle of the lake and I’m thinking no way am I going to make it. I turned around and the crack is forming just behind me and finally it swallows me up and I plunk right into the cold murky water. I start sinking real fast and the ice is now above me and I look up through the water and I see the crack close itself back up before I have any chance to pass back through it. I am now sinking and I’m feeling like this is it. All my life is passing in my mind, just like everyone had told me. I finally come to the bottom, which seemed like forever and I crash through some kind of vortex. It is spinning and I have no choice as to go with the flow. I opened my eyes and I can see somewhat of a flashing light in the distance. Finally the spinning stops and I open my eyes. Right before me is a beautiful lady and some trolls of sort. She is waving with her arms as to be calling me. I think this must be a dream. I walk closer and I can see buildings around and what looks like streets. Sound is starting to come back to me. Henri? Come with me now or you will not ever have a chance. I start following the beautiful lady into somewhat of a passage which opens into a great room. I cannot believe what is in front of me. OMG! It is my red Ford Truck. I look in the back of the truck and all my fishing gear has been put away. I look out over the ice and I see an eagle passing by. Now where did I put my keys?



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