Time- I lost It Somewhere

imagesThere just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the mornings before work. I wake up and shave the whiskers and then down the stairs to cook up a little grub. Bark! Bark! The dog wants his turn because he has needs too. The house is cool this morning so down the cellar to start a wood fire. I then go upstairs to start making some coffee. I start cooking some breakfast, eggs, and toast. Now I have to go check the woodstove, let the dog in, then tend to the breakfast again. Darn it , I haven’t even had a sip of coffee yet. Look at the clock, did I shave yet? The toast is burning, the woodstove is smoking. Back down cellar, throw the toast out, at least the coffee is good. Oh crap! Just spilled my coffee. Look at the clock, work in a half hour. I better go check the woodstove again, screw the breakfast , ah the coffee. Good morning


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