Sunshine Where Art Thou?

imagesI just imagined that I was laying on some sandy beach on a remote island somewhere. Cold frigid temps here and the sun just isn’t warming the body and soul. I’m at the island and I can hear the birds chattering and I can hear the surf. Shoosh! Shoosh!. The air smells so good and the warmth is doing magical things to my mind. I brought a fishing pole and now I’m getting up from laying around and soaking up the sun. I pull back on the pole way behind my head and with a whip I put the line out in the water. Within moments of throwing out the line I have a hit and the line is tugging the tip of the pole. I have something of substance and I start reeling. The fish is going to fill my belly. Oh the sun is warming my face. I’m glad I brought some sunscreen today because it is really a scorcher. The cocktails I brought taste so good, maybe too tasty but this is just what the doctor ordered. The fish is landed and oh what a good one. I brought my filet knife and I’m cutting some slabs off so I can put it into the pan right where I started a small cooking fire earlier. I’m sipping my drink and I’m going to lay down again. Chirp! Chirp! Hello birdie, I think I might go for a swim while the fish is cooking. What a day, too bad it was only in the mind.
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