Silent Killers Within Us

imagesChecking one self for possible health issues. You know we are not getting any younger. It is so important to do self checks on yourself. If you only go to a doctor for an annual visit how do you know that something isn’t going on inside between those month? Years ago I was asked the family history question. Anyone in your family have high blood pressure. Well yes I answered, my uncle did, and my dad did. The doctor told me there is a good chance when you get older you might have the same. No, not me! I’m a healthy person, it can never happen to me. As I got older I would periodically have checks at my work place. Your number are not high but borderline. Ok, that means I’m still good right? Well the doctor told me keep and eye on it. How do you keep an eye on it? I ask myself. I decided to buy a blood pressure machine. It sat in the house for a few years and on occasions I would check. Ok, borderline so I’m ok. Well, last year I was sitting home bored and decided to check my pressure and the numbers were high. I mean high for me standards. I decided to call the doctor and it was a wise decision. I was Hypertensive or a guy now with high blood pressure. I had become my father and uncle. I started a regimen of pills and today can say it is regulated very good. I still keep an eye on it. So what I’m trying to say is you really need to check yourself. It is the Silent Killer Within Us.
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