Lets Sell Everything Honey

Upper-Deck-1024x613I was inspired this morning when on Facebook when I read a story. This story is about a friend of mines brother who I knew. He grew up in Central Maine. A very smart young ambitious young man. He went to college, married, bought a house, and cars. He followed the American dream. He realized later in his life that he and his wife were not happy. About a year ago they started selling off everything they owned. Finally they bought a 30 year old boat and now living in Florida, in the boat. They have a skiff and use that to get needed supplies. The stress in their life, I’m sure, has been reduced and they are so much happier. No house to deal with, no car payments, and get to look at the ocean everyday. I clap my hands to this couple for making drastic changes in their life. I think we all could use a change, don’t you think?
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