Leaders Within You

images   What makes for a good leader? You have to look way back when you were playing with the other neighborhood children. Was there always one boy or girl who would stand out front and command all the playing rules. They were not trained to do this or were they. Born leaders of America was a saying that we have heard before. He was born a leader! Lets break it down a little. Little Richard was always told to make his bed, clean up after messes or there would be conditions. After reapeated commands from his folks it became automatic that Richard would wake up make his bed and clean up after himself. Over and over his parents at the beginning was in control of the situations of Richard. Now lets take a look in the sandbox with him standing at front telling the kids what to do. Susie you start doing this and make sure you do it how I tell you. Greg, make a road in the sandbox for our trucks. Make sure you go all the way around the box. These children are listening to what Richard has commanded them to do. It is called structure some which these other children have not received. So Richard is a leader and didn’t even know it. Yes, a born leader, but it’s only  a result of how he was raised. Instruction to details and repeated operations will result in a child who stands up and tells people what to do. It was not his fault he is your boss today, it was his parents fault. Yes Ma, I will be right there!image
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