The Old Plow Truck-ARGH!

imagesSeems like every year I try to get the old plow truck running it becomes a money pocket. I have this older F-250 that I ran on the road for years and when I went to get an inspection the mechanic told me it is time to retire this truck. I loved this truck and was devastated. It was a 2001 truck and still had some life to it but the frame was rusted and it was time. I decided to keep this truck for the plow factor. We get a decent amount of snow here in Central Maine and a plow truck with a heated cab just seemed like the best fit for me. The days of using a snow blower after working all night just didn’t have its appeal anymore. Last year just before winter I decided to get it ready for winter. I started it up and things were looking good. I put the shifter in drive and off I went to try and get a little rust off the brake calipers. I hit the brakes and nothing. I blew a brake line and now I had to get it to a mechanic to fix it. I got it back and put it in four wheel drive and the light didn’t come on. The only problem was we had just received a pretty good quantity of snow and I needed to plow. It would not engage into four wheel drive. Back to the mechanic for this repair. So now here I am with winter on our doorstep and I go out start the truck and do the routine of getting it ready for winter. I put it in drive and down the driveway I go. I see smoke coming from under the hood. I blew a transmission fluid line. I bring it back to the mechanic and he fixes this. When he drives it out of his garage he pushes the brake pedal and right to the floor board. Broken brake lines to the rear of the truck. He replaces those lines. He checked the fluids in the truck an notices the oil level is low and he fills it back up. He starts the truck and notices oil leaking. He at first, thinks it is the oil filter so he replaces it. Still oil is leaking and he put the truck back up on the lift. He notices a hole in an oil pump and that has to be replaced. So all and all the truck is just another headache but it still is worth it when it is a blizzard out and I can go into my nice heated cab. I will have to vacuum out the mice nest that was in my glove box. I hope it doesn’t smell too bad this winter. Earplugs for the nose. I wonder if those will work? 2013-02-27 05.53.12
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