Ralphie Stevens


This man became well known in our community. He was from the backwoods of Central Maine and had the Maine accent like you wouldn’t believe. How you doing Ralphie? Gooooood Ayup? You have to extend the words a little to have the accent. I remember many moments that I ran into this man. The first memories was when he was working at a farm down the street from where I grew up. The kids in the neighborhood would check out the local farms on a regular basis for something to do. Ralphie was working the day when we entered this farm, on our bright green stingray’s. When we pulled up Ralphie was skinning a horse. Why are you skinning a horse Ralphie? we asked. This one here was ill and didn’t want to feed it anymore. We was grossed out just watching him then with his sharp knife he hacks off the weiner. He tells us he is going to take that in and cook it up for breakfast , Ya know. We hopped on our bikes and rode off thinking this was one encounter we didn’t want to watch. Another time I remember him was his routine of going to the local restaurant and having breakfast every morning. He would sit on the bar stools and everyone that would come in would say, Hi Ralphie. He also had a laugh that would make you laugh. He was quite a story teller and he came across this one fella that was so amazed by his accent that he wanted to start taping him. This fella was more interested in learning how to talk like a Mainer. This language dialect became used in Judd Strunk’s show. He was a comedian and talked with a Maine accent. There was rumor that Merv Griffin wanted Ralphie to come on his show but a trip like that was not to become with this guy. I only ran into Ralphie a few more times through the years, I think he worked at the local transfer station. A character for sure but really liked by all. There are a few people in my life that were etched into my memory. Another such man was Franny Herbert- Always smoking a cigar. You know this guy was one hell of a football player, so my  dad tells me. Franny is another story. We meet different people in our lives and everyone has a story. Velma Brown is another women that books could be written about. She was a true outdoorsman, kind of like that woman on the tv show, Life Below Zero. I think she is at the south pole or north pole living by herself. We all can be looked upon in different ways, we are all human.  The top picture is not the actual of Ralphie. Just a random Character. I bet he had a story too.
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