Life of A Shift Worker

imagesI have been working shift work since 1983 and I cannot see the glory in a just working a day job. Things are different at night when everyone else is sleeping. The mind still does function. I swap between twelve hours days and twelve hour nights and when I do on occasions work 8 hours it seems like a day off. The night has a certain quiet serene feeling that makes me sometimes wonder if I like working the nights better than days. I must say that after I wake up from working the night shift that my mind is in a quasar state for a bit. I have never known anything different. My Dad worked in the paper mills for 43 years and worked shift most of it. I work in the paper mills and have followed the same path my grandfather’s and my dad have been through. It is a great life for me, just saying. I guess it works for me. All I wanted to do was work with my hands, snore snore, ok sometimes when you work nights and you come home you snore mid-sentence. So I get to see the early mornings which I love so much. I come home from this magical night thing and make breakfast for my spouse so she can go to work with a full belly. There is no rushing here because after I make breakfast I get to go to bed. The birds start waking up about the same time I come home, I can hear chirping about. The critters are out too looking for food. The night owls are out and about too. Not always the animal type either, sometimes human so driving can be a little hazardous. If you have never worked nights, or some call graveyard shift, you should give it a try. Our daughter is now starting some night shifts and she is experiencing what I have done for years. You see! It runs in the family. Our son works nights once in awhile too. Now if I can get my wife working nights and not days we might see each other. I switch back to days and we are on track with each other. Hey! It all works out in the end, Good-bye night. I’m going to take a nap. Good Day Everyone.
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