Always Time for PPE

imagesYou look back at old historical pictures of firefighting and it was clear that the PPE for the job did nothing as for protection other than the bunker gear. You can see old photo’s of firefighters in a structure fire and no breathing apparatus. Today the tools have been developed for the safety of the fire fighter. We are all trained to go on air as soon as you enter the structure. Also if you are going to climb a ladder to vent a roof. Safety items have been developed from past mistakes. I’m sure that back in the old days a lot of fireman suffered with lung problems at an early age. Today the technology is in place to lessen the health problems we face day to day as we enter a structure. The gases that are in a house fire are unbelievable. Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrocarbon, imagesCarbon Monoxide and other nasty stuff. I will give you just one example of what one of these toxins can do to you. Carbon Monoxide- Clear Colorless, and no odor. What it does, attaches to your hemoglobin, or oxygen cells and takes over which then passes through your blood stream like a normal blood cell. It takes over the oxygen thus suffocating you. That is just one example of how bad this stuff is. PPE- Personal Protection Equipment, is for us and developed by lesson’s learned throughout the years. It is the equipment that can save our lives and protect us. The respiratory protection programs at your work place is the same and is in place to protect you. Think about nasty chemicals that might be at your work place. I know where I work we are tested every year and a baseline was developed the first day we were hired. We hate these test but it is in place to check how our lungs are doing and to make sure the mask you wear is a proper fit. Some people try to fight the system at times, thinking that growing a beard is ok but really do you want to put yourself at danger of lung problems from all the chemicals I explained earlier. Why take a chance? Chances are for scratch tickets or megabucks. So use what has been giving to us and when your supervisor or captain or chief tells you to go on air, don’t think twice about it, just do it.images
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