New Look And Back


I was shaving a couple of weeks ago and decided to trim the moustache. The trimmer took off like a race car and trimmed half my moustache. I fix things for a living and I knew after trying to troubleshoot this problem that it was not to be repaired. I took the trimmer and shaved it off. I have had a moustache for most of my life. I looked into the mirror and really didn’t know that person. My wife was totally surprised and my daughter too. I went to work and the moustache jokes came out. Funny how some people liked it and others noticed something different about me. Oh, you cut your hair. Ah, I don’t have any hair dude. The best of all was when people would call on the radio and say, I MOUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION. Funny very funny. It is all good, I laughed with them. I came home one day and my wife and daughter both told me I better grow it back. I can see that for both of them they have never seen me without a moustache so I can understand. So back to growing it back and I think I will be much more comfortable with myself. Any people out there with similar stories leave a comment I would love to hear them. I MUSH GO TO BED NOW.
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