Transfer Station Interactions-Part 2


An interesting perspective. Part 2 of the local transfer station. I went to the station to transfer my garbage so they could transfer it to some unknown place. The first blog had to do with the unknown barges that have appeared on the west coast and east coast and how I felt that the the liquids from the garbage was being transferred to the west coast for energy use. I felt the local transfer station here was being controlled by the government and I had to watch my back because I thought security guards were watching the customers arrive and they were on the lookout. Today I went to that station and all nervous and all and I was keeping my head down as to not be seen by the authorities. I jump out of my truck and this guard in a orange vest with x marks on it starts to question me. Hi how is your day going? Good I respond. Hey look at that sand pile and how the formations from a collapse has made funny lines in the sand. I look over and see an amazing display of art work that the sand has formed. A little snow leftover on the pile and the sand falling from collapse has made a very interesting picture for sure. I’m sure this is some kind of tactic so another guard can scan my truck for unwanted surplus. I go back to my truck, there the other guard is standing at the back of the truck. I stare at him and he likewise. Sir, want me to put your tailgate back in the up position? I’m thinking ya right this is a trick. I bet they have installed a tracking device on my truck. Ok you can put the tailgate up but I now have the facial recognition software loaded into my cell phone and have taken a picture of him without him knowing. I leave this site with the feeling like it is greater than what it appears to be. I will have to do some more investigations into this place. I just have a feeling that it is connected to the barges in Portland Maine and San Fran California. Time will explain the unknown, I just need more time. Part 1 is here-
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