Dump Runs Here In Rural Maine


Here in rural Maine we do a lot for ourselves. The dreaded dump run to the local transfer station is getting old. First of all this is now called a transfer station. I just do not get it anymore. When I was younger we would drive our vehicle, usually a truck heaped over with garbage to the landfill and everything you had in the bed was heaved over the side. It was an interesting adventure, it was a gold mine for some. You could find anything in the dumps in those days. Need a hub cab from an old 54 Chevy? You just walk around until you found one. These days you have to go on the Craigslist,Tweeter or something like that to find one and pay big bucks. So back at the transfer station. I wonder what they mean by transfer. Going from here to there. But where is there? Maybe it is those floating barges you see out in the ocean. Yea, that probably is where it goes.  In one harbor here in Maine there is a barge that nobody really knows what is in it. The structure showed up and the building topside is made with shipping containers. Maybe they have developed a trash incinerator of some sort. There is also another one of those structures on the West Coast. You know over there! I bet the two are connected and all the liquid from the separation of garbage is pumped across country and power is being generated. Transfer from here to there. I once transferred my 401k . Now that is a transfer right. But where is all this garbage going anyways? We Americans buy way too much expensive stuff and it all ends up in the transfer station. So I venture off today to the transfer station but I’m going to be real careful of what I say. I have been seeing a lot of security type people walking around. Something top-secret is going on and I’m going to ask the attendant if I can discard some old army canteens. I know I will be on the transfer list, no longer able to discard my stuff. They will probably put me on a list, You know the LIST!  I’m going to keep my head down before I get shipped out . Go to Part 2 of this story Please.  https://just4why.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/transfer-station-interactions-part-2/
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