Bee Stings-Not Good


I remember the first time I received a bee stings. The local boy’s and I were pushing dead tree’s over  in the neighborhood and whap. I ran so fast that I think the bee ran out of breath. The next when older, was when I walked off my deck bare foot and whap right on one foot. I ran inside the house and my wife knew what happened and she made up a paste of baking soda and water. I told her I’m ok and then I took off and went via the deck and whap, the other foot. I ran into the house but this time I’m getting a little shaky and my feet are starting to swell like you wont believe. I’m getting hives in my groin area and under my eyelids. It took a week for that swelling to go down and my feet got all black and blue. The next sting I received was out mowing and I came around a rock and whap, right on the hand. My hand swelled up, you know the white welt you get? Well the hand and all the way to the elbow did that. I went to work that week and was holding my arm up above my heart and the nurse asked me why I am hold my arm up. I told her I received a sting a week ago. Let me look at that, well she did and off to the hospital that day I went. The doctor told me I was lucky I didn’t lose my arm from circulation loss. I thought everyone swelled like this. So now I carry an Epi-pen just incase I lose my breathing. I’m not sure what else Epi does but Im sure it works.
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