Time Is Moving Too Fast


I just realized today that Christmas is coming up on me real fast and I have only bought one gift so far. I’m waiting for something and maybe time to catch up with me so I can go out and do some stomping, oops I mean shopping. I woke up this morning and told myself, self, today you are going to take the batteries out of the riding lawn mowers. You are also going to take the snow blower out of the shed and get it ready for snow. Oh, It snowed here last night so I guess time caught me there. I also woke up a sleeping giant in the snow blower. A mouse jumped out of it when I finally dragged it all the way across the lawn. Darn mice, I hate those suckers they get into everything around here. Oh, what else has time caught up to me? Ok, I’m getting older before my own eyes. The reflection in the mirror has told me that I’m not getting any younger. Seems like the older you get time creeps up on you faster than when you was younger. There never seems to be enough time to get where you are going. Here in Maine, I prepare early and stack my wood outside so it will dry. I know that winter is coming and that is something I just have to get done. The summer creeps faster than I know it then I’m tossing wood into the cellar. Spring is around the corner, right? What the heck is that brown spot on my hand? That wasn’t there yesterday was it? I will have to do checks more often I guess. Oh! Since when did I need reading glasses? I could see an ant crawling from miles away and now I cannot see ants without glasses. My kids are no longer kids, I still call them kids but they are adults now. I never thought they would grow up this fast. That crept up faster than a bear shitting in the woods. I hate the fact that AARP was watching this drama of my life take place because it didn’t take long for them to send me cards. What do you mean I’m in the age gap? Come on, I was just out at a high school football game and going out to winter carnivals. When someone figures out where this time factor can be slowed down let me know. I just cannot figure it.
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