Til I Met You-Forever Yours

2011-07-10 03.18.17

I met my wife when she was very young.  I started this life with my now wife of 29  years and we have been through good times and bad times. One thing we always said to each other was never walk away from a fight and always kiss and make up. We knew early on that it takes two to tangle and the fifty percent rule has to happen for a strong relationship to exist. The other part is work hard and take care of your children together. We have been through a lot . I lost a brother in 1990 and she lost her father,step mother, step father,sister,brother,and nephew in a short period. So this is what I mean by bad times. You get through them and never forget. So this wonderful lady of mine has taking care of me in good times and bad. She has been through a lot herself, physically. with both hips being replaced at a young age . I couldn’t ask for a better person. This world is changing and relationships are a whole lot different, but I found out how it all works with this wonderful person I can call my wife.
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