Never Had It Never Will


The old saying from a television commercial. What does diet 7up and a nun have in common? Never had it never will! I have through the years struggled with the saying. As a young child I would go to the hair place to get my hair cut. I would tell Eva Mae-I would like to have my hair feathered. She would give me a look and tell me- Son you don’t have thick enough hair for that. One day she even told me that by the age of 25 I would be bald. For three bucks for a haircut I didn’t deserve this. When I turned 25 I still had some hair but a few had been washed down the drain. I never dreamed that having none, no hair would be a problem until I interviewed for a shampoo commercial when I was 35. The fat guy behind the desk smirked at me. Son, What does diet 7up and a nun have in common. You mother! I was so mad at him. I still to this day can picture him sitting back in his chair. Whooha, Whooha, Whooha, was the laugh. I am now much older and I still have some hair. There, Eva Mae take that. It only grows on my face,chest,legs,arms,nose,ears,and every other crevice you can imagine. I just don’t have none on the top. I’m still a happy man.


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