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imagesI have a list of words that I have no clue what they are. We really have been loaded up with words that anyone trying to take a test would probably fail if someone really wanted to make one. Truncheon, I guess I missed this one in school. Ok it is a Billy Club that police officers use.  There is many words in our vocabulary that could put you in last place at the annual spelling bee for sure.

They were using their ” Arnold batons ” to show force in the riot that broke out at the prison. Same thing, long Truncheon’s which the correction guards use. I’m not sure if these are the manufacturer or not. I’m not an expert on any of these.

One can only think back during the caveman day’s using their clubs for either killing small or large prey. Really a truncheon, either for killing or protection. Clubs or spears or whips and chains all either for protection have been used forever. The Billy Club is still used by riot police and some departments still today.

I will have to come up with some other funny words to talk about , maybe another day. Enjoy the day.

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Coldwave 2013

2013-01-15 08.34.07The year 2013 is going to end with it beating us up in the Northeast USA. We have had only two snowstorms and we have all the snow we need for the winter. Another storm is coming Thursday with this possibly being a Nor’Easter. This means big snow. This time around the cold from Canada is dropping down and real cold temperatures are expected for about a week. Not only is our wood supply being used up, but the oil is kicking in more than normal. I was looking at the weather forecast and the high one of those days was showing 1 degree F.

I’m gonna keep thinking of my folks who are living in Florida and enjoying the summer like temperatures. I think one of these days I’m gonna say I’ve had enough and find warmer and snowless area. I still have some years to work.

There are a lot of benefits to winter though. No bugs, deer stand out against white snow. The tree’s fall down without human intervention. It is fun slipping and sliding with the truck as long I don’t hit something. Not many people swimming at the local hole. My bald spot doesn’t show as much because of wearing hats. I don’t have stinky sneakers this time of year. Not many boaters out on the lake so I get to enjoy watching the eagles by myself ice fishing. I get to use my red sled.

There is good and bad to anything I guess. One thing I do know there is not a darn thing I can do about it right now so I’m gonna go warm up my fishing traps and get them ready for the new year. Enjoy Winter everyone who lives in snow country. Happy New Year’s too.

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Repunzel Toss Me A Rope

rapunzel_towerFunny how when you analyze some of the fairy tales you have to stop and really dig in. My boy came over one day and was watching Repunzel with his daughter and thought about how the prince hollered up to Repunzel. LET DOWN YOUR HAIR. She tosses her long golden locks out over the castle edge so that he can come up to rescue her. Ok, now take a closer look. If she tosses out her hair for him to climb up then how are both of them going to get down without him cutting her hair and tying it to a bed post. Hum!

The Wizard of Oz, we have all watched this from beginning of time. They are walking up to the castle through a field of poppies. Isn’t this what heroin is made from? I have no proof, and only speculating, but that show was written with drugs inducing the mind. Another is, Alice in Wonderland. Just the title makes you think about drugs. She is sitting on magic mushrooms. Things just aren’t always as they seem to the viewer. Beep! Beep! How many times has the roadrunner been in the vicinity of bombs going off. How come he always survives?

I have to come back to reality and go out and clean up a foot of snow we just received here in Maine. Think about other stories and give some input into how and why something can happen in other stories. I have to go wax my red sled because today is the big competition. Good day stay safe.


Another Gray Hair

159431914_old-geezer-man-latex-mask-grey-hair-halloween-costume-What the heck was I thinking when I thought I would never have grey hair. I had dirty blond hair as a young man and thought this would be the color forever. The blond hair has been intruded upon with old man time. It started out a few here and there. You know what I mean? A little on the whiskers, then I noticed some on the head from time to time. Ok, I can just pluck a few of those and that will take care of it. Well, over a period of a year I had to stop this plucking business because I was a little on the short end when it came to hair. My twin brother inherited that gene, I came from the pig clan or something. I started to notice that more grey was coming out when getting a haircut. No one is going to want my hair for wigs, right? Old man time was sneaking up on me faster than I knew it.

I realized now there is nothing that can stop it. I’m not going to put dye in my hair because I know somehow that I would end up with black lips or something like that. Maybe my ears would turn a different color. Hey that’s and idea! New fad, dying your ears.

I guess me myself and I are going to have to get along with the count down in years and start enjoying the better days ahead. What the heck, that is not another grey hair in my soup is it? You kind of get used to the fact that not only is it turning grey, it is also falling off. That will have to be another story. I’m going to go take it easy in my rocking chair. Good night.

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My Sea Snark Adventure’s

untitledWhen I was young, I dreamed of sailing a boat. Where we lived, when grocery shopping, you would get green stamps at the store after you checked out. There was a store with all sorts of items that you could purchase with these green stamps after collecting a certain amount.

In the book was a Sea Snark with a Budweiser Sail. The boat was made of Styrofoam and was of good size. It had a rudder that you would slide down through the middle of the boat. After saving enough green stamps I was able to get this boat. I took it home and assembled the necessary pulleys and ropes for the sail. I was so excited to try this sailboat, and made my way to the nearest lake.

I had done some reading about how to sail. If the wind was behind you all you had to do was pull the sail in a little and let the wind behind you push you. I set the sail and off I went . What a great ride I had and then it was time to tack, coming back from where I started. Argh! This is very hard because you have to go across the lake back and fourth to get back . It can be a long process tacking but your still having fun the whole way. I would take this boat to all the local lakes around the area. I can say that was some of the best times as a young man. I cannot imagine being in a large sailboat.  The Sea Snark lasted me a few years and I believe I sold it to another person. You know I cannot remember what the heck happened to it. I’m sure I sold it to someone.

I believe that a small sailboat like this for gift to any young person would be the gift they will never forget. I never had so many laughs. Sometimes I would get that boat leaning so hard that I would tip over. If you lean on the other side of the boat it would upright itself. Still a lot of fun just falling over into the water. Enough said, I wish they still had green stamps because it really was a treat.

My New Red Sled

??????????????????????????????????????The kids and I in the neighborhood are in competition on the big sledding hill behind my house. I have never get first place and I know it was because of the sled that I was using. Christmas has brought me a new shiny red sled. It has handles on the side that I can hold onto when trying to curve the sled to keep it on the trail. I know my mom has a box of wax that she uses for making peanut butter balls. I will rub this on the bottom of the sled to make it go real fast.

I look out the window from the kitchen and can see all the kids walking up the hill. I better get a move on, where is my mittens? Ok, there they are. Right where I left them last time, next to the register. My snow suit is in the closet so I retrieve that and slither myself into it. Now off to the porch to get my boots. I go into the bread draw and get two bread bags to put over my socks so my feet don’t get wet. I’m all bundled up and now I have a cramp. Oh no! I have to go number you know what. I take my boots off, take off snow mobile suit and run to the restroom. Phew! That was a very close call.

I venture out to the big hill and all my friends are there. Big Bernie, Greg, Joel, Chirbair, and Unie. Ok we are at the top of the hill and we all get into position. Big Bernie gives the command and we are off. It is quite a battle between us kids. Whoever gets to the bottom first is the winner of bragging rights for the day. It is a viscious battle to the bottom and old red sled of mine had performed quite well. I didn’t get first but was third for this day. I get a ribbon in my mind and tomorrow I will do better because of this new red sled. I think I’m going to use furniture polish on the bottom for the next race. I can now hear my mother calling, time for supper.

Rolling Down 295 out of Portland Maine

untitledA song I remember growing up. I believe Jackson Brown wrote this but it really brings back memories of my younger years. Rolling down 295 out of Portland Maine .The Song Nothing But Time. Jackson Brown. Growing up in Maine myself,and the crazy things my friends and I would do just for a good time. I remember the days when drinking and driving was what young people would do for a good night out. I look back now and think how crazy this was. It was the time, just after the Vietnam War and young dwellers didn’t have a worry in the world but cruising down 295 out of Portland, Maine. The boys and I would grab a twelve pack each and drive to a concert at the Civic Center. We would hit 295 out of Falmouth Maine and cruise right into Portland. We didn’t have GPS devices or any maps. I today will have to use my GPS on my phone to get there. So funny how times have changed. Songs from the past will come up and put me in a place I remember from childhood. The good ole days. You ever get a chance listen to this. It is a great one.

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Glitters Of Hope

santa-sleigh_1780995cThe lights are glittering and the sounds around me are bringing a warmth. I have awaken early this Christmas morning with the silence, and sit and think of all the many Christmases I have been witness too. My own family are home, all in the house for this wonderful time of year. They have their own family’s now but they have become our family too. We are older now, but still enjoy this holiday because we get to see their faces when gifts are opened and see the smiles on their faces. Santa has arrived during the night. I know this is true because I see footprints coming out from the fireplace and steps move closer to the Christmas tree. Early this morning I heard a thump on the roof, I know I did. I went downstairs to inspect, making sure it wasn’t an intruder. You know we get a lot of them this time of year. I also noticed that the cookies we laid out were almost gone and the milk was empty in the glass. Someone has been here, I must do more of an investigation. I’m going outside now because things are adding up but I want proof that he was here. I walk to the other side of the deck and where reindeer food was thrown on the ground, I see the food is almost gone. It has to be Santa and his reindeer have paid a visit. Looking around I find a small fiber, I’m bringing it inside for further inspection. You know I have a microscope that I saved from my tenth Christmas. Looking through the viewer of the scope I can see this is truly red fibers. There is only one place this could come from. Santa’s suit! He didn’t fail us this year and I guess everyone at this house has been good. I’m going to save this red fiber and put it in the photo album I received on my eleventh Christmas.


timthumbTaking a look back in time. I would say it was 1969 or somewhere about. We had an ice coating on the snow and it was hard as a rock. My neighbors house was on a hill behind our house with a long driveway. I remember that morning to some extent. The neighbor kids and I would go to the top of the driveway and stand on the top of the snow and would skate all the way to the highway on our leather shoes. The bottoms of the shoes were smooth with no tread so a kid really could pick up some speed going down that hill. The real challenge was trying to stop when you reached the bottom. The school bus was on the way down the street to pick up us kids. I thought I could get one more trip down the hill before the bus stopped at our pick up. The school bus stopped and I could hear the brakes squeaking. I had to get going now. I started moving at quite a fast rate and was almost to the bottom, but was curving toward the driveway. I didn’t make it. I fell into the gravel driveway and landed on a rock. The rock split my knee, wide open, and blood was splattering all over the place. I yelled and the other kids were too concerned about making it to school. The bus driver was probably concerned with getting the other kids to school on time so he took off and left me there. I screamed so loud and no one was there. I crawled all the way back to my parents house, which wasn’t really that far. I screamed again and my mother heard me. She brought me into the house and when I pulled up the pant leg my mother almost passed out. I was cut right down to the knee cap and you could see the bone.  I was brought to the doctors and stitched up. I still think today of why did that bus driver leave me there bleeding and screaming. Memories, some of the stuff I did as a kid. Phew, I’m lucky to be alive.

My Top Ten Female Singers

thumbs_christina_aguilera_picture_002 I listen to vocalist mostly, sometimes the music I hear is  background compared to the beautiful voices I hear. In no particular order here they are.

  1. Celine Dion
  2. Maria Carey
  3. Gladys Knight
  4. Regine Velasquez
  5. Whitney Houston
  6. Charice
  7. Christina Aguilera
  8. Sarah Brightman
  9. Carly Simon
  10. Karen Carpenter

There is other great singers out there, I’m sure.These are some of the top I like. The vocal ranges on some of these woman have won the world over. Vocal performances at the top level.


Madonna And I Go Way Back

madonna PICThe year was around 1980-1981 and I was living in Phoenix Arizona. Downtown there was the Phoenix Coliseum which would hold concerts from time to time. They would also have free concerts at the place. A friend of mine lived across the street from the place in a small house. He would call me whenever there was a concert of interest. Hey Dewey, There is a concert in town why don’t you come down here and we can drink some beer before the show. Ok, sounded like a good time, so off to a concert I was going. untitled

We sat around all afternoon drinking beer’s and was ready to have a good night. The concert was starting in 20 minutes so we decided to walk over the Coliseum to check out the people. I was walking up to front steps and all along the chain link fence was young girls wearing short skirts and what looked like they were wearing a bra and no shirt. Hey! Hey! Hey! I tell my friend it doesn’t get any better than this. Maybe we should go and try to find out more about these girls. Very strange seeing this style of dress. I have to tell you that I am from the East Coast, New England, Maine. I was not used to seeing kids dress like this. Oh well this is city life I’m thinking.CelebrMadonnaBW

We moved ourselves into the Coliseum and see what kind of show this was going to be . Lord and behold most of the girls in here were dressed in the same fashion. What the heck is going on? I asked my friend. He replied I’m not sure maybe a Rocky Horror Picture show or something. Ha, that is funny Ralph. We decided to ask around. You never know until you ask right? We walked up to this one young girl dressed in lace and jewelry all over her and asked her a question. Who is playing in the show tonight? She Replied, Silly, It’s Madonna. Ok, right Madonna. I looked at her with a frown. I’m supposed to know who this singer is, right. It sure doesn’t look like a Crosby-Stills-Nash-and Young concert. Who was this young singer anywho? IMG_1699%20(Medium)

It turns out this singer was going to take over the music industry like no other. Madonna is still very famous today. This was a free concert that I went too, remember? So you never know who your going to run into in time, who really might turn out to be someone famous. I will tell you about my Merv Griffin story another time. Good Day Everyone and Happy Holiday’s.
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Handsome Boy

Kogen FallWhen someone thinks of intelligent dogs, German Shepard’s always come up. My wife and I have always had a dog, but this one was special. I never was the dog lover in the house, my wife was. Our last dog had a German Shepard mix and was a good dog but didn’t have the smarts like this one. 2012-02-26 19.04.25

It really amazes me with this dog how he is so quick to learn something. A working breed, and he will do anything for you. He will retrieve a ball, but not too keen on giving up his toy. We taught him hand instructions. If we want him to sit we raise our fist then curl it downward. To stay, we put up the stop sign, or hand out flat. To lay down, we push our hand in a downward motion. It is so cool to see this. He will back up with a command to back up. We hide treats and he will hunt them down in no time. This dog is a watch dog and his loyalty to my wife is unreal.  I have to say that I have turned into a dog lover with this one. He is our child, so we  talk like mummy and daddy. It really is sad, being a large dog, the hip issue thing has started and he is not very old. He is such a good boy, my wife would be proud of me saying that. The only thing that drives me crazy is he wants to work all the time. Every job I try to do outside becomes his job too. So raking leaves, taking the garbage out, shoveling dirt, weed whacking, or anything, becomes a real challenge. The thing I love best, or we love best, is walking on the trails out back in the woods. He will intimidate anyone who comes here, but he really is a good boy. So if you ever thought about getting a German Shepard or have any stories about your own, please feel free to leave a comment or send a pic of yours.  You can facebook me. Dwayne Bilodeau- 2011-05-24 06.51.54
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Stop Your Snooping Around

2013-10-09 07.54.29Stop your snooping around! My brother and I were the biggest snoopers. We were the master at tape un-doing. I think one person that was better than the two of us is my daughter. The sweet little girl. She would never do this. I think she would get ulcers if she didn’t know what was in those presents. I feel for her, it was how my twin brother and I felt too. Just do not get caught , you might find yourself into a mouse trap.

Don’t Take Away My Santa

untitledFor several years I have always been asked what I want for Christmas. Well, Let me tell you how I feel about this subject.

When I was a young child when it was time for Christmas it was all about being surprised with gifts. We received either an apple or an orange, pajama’s, socks, underwear, and one toy. Not really this bad but I wanted to show you that it really didn’t matter what we received because it was a surprise. Today I am asked the questions of what do I want for Christmas. Can’t this holiday be just like Thanksgiving? The fact that my children, and my granddaughter, are coming here to see us is my surprise. To me, it is all about being around them and being festive. I really do not care about receiving gifts. I have what I need and these days less is better.  I don’t need a purple monkey to kick around the bedroom.

This holiday has become an income generator for the country. Not to be a scrooge here, but doesn’t it seem that way? The commercials come on before Thanksgiving and don’t stop for a month or more. So many lives in this country are stressed to the max and their budges are deleted. We can enjoy the holiday’s but with family, my orange ,and spider man pajama’s.

In Preparation

12__9Get ready we could be in for a wild ride. Reports coming in for possible ice storm. I remember 1998 like it was yesterday. In New England we always took storms with an iron chin. No problem for us Northerner’s.

What we never knew was that this storm was about to devastate the area. Where I live we were without power for 15 days. I just remember the tree’s falling all over the place. If you went outside you could here a tree cracking every few mintues. I also remember wires coming down all over the place. We were not prepared.

Starting tonight and right through the weekend we are suppose to get freezing rain. We are getting a heads up from the weather service to get ready. People listen to what they are saying. Maine is going to get hit. The northern part of the State will received 12-14 inches of snow but anywhere in the southern part of the State is going to get a possible .50 inches of ice. Don’t get caught with your pants down like 98.

I have started the generator, made sure I have gasoline, batteries, and other supplies. Sorry I’m anal like that. I am a Firefighter so I must be prepared incase I am out doing other stuff during the storm. The chainsaw is ready, and it will go into the truck if things start getting bad. I don’t want to sound hysterical but ice is real bad on power lines and tree’s, let alone trying to walk on surfaces. Whoops! Smack! right on your bum. If you are going to burn candles make sure to blow them out before you go to bed. If running a generator, make sure to put it in a well ventilated area. Not in your cellar! Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer. 0.97 vapor density. It is lighter than air or very close to air, and can form in the same region as we breath normal air. Get some drinking water stored and don’t forget, I repeat again- Gasoline. Make sure to have enough food and folks you might not have TV, Nitendo, X-box, or other electronic devices. So get ready to do some camping within your own house. Take care, Be Safe, Look out for one another.818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007

Donation of Life

untitledI haven’t giving blood since 1981. I had a bad experience back in Arizona. The guy was a newbie and I was the guinea pig. It was a mobile unit that was setup at my school. The guy proceeded to put the needle into my are and nothing came out. He then tried to find the vessel by moving the needle back and fourth. I noticed that he was starting to turn palor. I told him to relax and said it is ok just take his time. The color was leaving him real fast then he collapsed to the floor. The other technicians had to remove him. I kinda felt bad for this guy but really wonder if he stayed into the field. It wasn’t too long afterward that I noticed bumps in my arm. These were scar tissue that built up because he was digging around trying to find my vessel. So that is really the reason I didn’t give blood for a long time.

I do believe that giving blood is the best thing to do. I would want blood if I ever was in need. My blood is o negative which is the universal donor. I can give mine to any other blood type. The only problem is that I can only received o negative. Maybe I’m wrong in today’s standards but that is how it used to be. I do feel that I made a little difference and felt good doing it.  Give someone a life- Go out and donate. Ya, Listen to me trying to make a pledge. I do believe so much in the Red Cross and all they do. Happy Holiday’s

Snowmobile Riding North

snowmobilingThis could probably be counted as one of the worst or best trips from hell. The wife and I had planned a trip to Moosehead Lake in Maine. We made plans to go snowmobile riding up there and we rented a room at a local hotel in Rockwood.

I decided it was time to get the snowmobile ready before the trip. I started it up, and took a short ride on the back lawn where I live. Something was terribly wrong with the sled. I could hear metal to metal, and crunching sound. This sled was damaged and we had no time to send it to the repair shop before our trip. My wife and I talked, we decided to go buy another snowmobile. We went to the local sled dealer and bought a used sled. Good one too, with a long seat, and longtrack.

With the sled loaded, we made our way up north. We arrived and checked in. It was still early in the day and we wanted to make our way to Pittston Farms. A place we could go get a cocktail and a bite to eat. We took off across the lake on the pole trail which led us back to land. The first sign I saw stated Pittston Farm this way to the right. I turned and went down the trail, noticing a sign that said snowmobile shop. We went a little further and another sign showed the restaurant going the opposite direction than what the first sign showed. I turned the sled, backing up into deep snow, using the reverse the sled had. We just started the other way when my wife tapped me on the shoulder and said, What is that green stuff in the snow where you backed up? I stopped in the trail to inspect if any damage and anti-freeze was  pouring out of my heat exchanger.

I remembered the sign, snowmobile shop ahead. I made it to this shop and the repair man told me he didn’t have time to work on it because he was so busy. He said, I can give you a bottle of antifreeze so you can get back to Rockwood. We made it back to Rockwood Hotel and the owners were at their desk. I asked if any snowmobile repair shops around. Hang on a minute the lady said. I could hear her talking. Joe, can you work on a sled? She got off the phone and the guy told her, Yes. His shop was a mile down the road. I loaded the sled into my pick-em-up-truck and off we went.

It was time to chill out so we decided to have some cocktails and eat some dinner. It was about 8 o’clock that evening and the owner told us the sled was done and we could pick it up. I brought my truck down and paid the guy. I off loaded my sled at the hotel parking lot and put it back up near the hotel. I went back into the restaurant with my wife and finished dining with her. I was looking outside the window, enjoying seeing all the snowmobilers riding around when I noticed a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. I then saw my red pick-em-up-truck jump about five feet sideways. I knew at this moment a snowmobiler had hit my truck at a very fast rate. I jumped up from the table and started running toward my truck . The owner of the hotel was following me because we wanted to make sure no one was injured. When we just about got to the truck, the owner replied; Oh no that is my son. I was floored with that statement. What really happened was his son’s sled did a runaway when he started it. Maybe the throttle was stuck so when there was ignition it took off at a fast rate. The sled was in bad condition along with my truck. We was glad the son was not injured but the damage was severe. The truck still could be driven, we exchanged names and numbers, and waited for a warden to file a report.

Fun comes in many ways. We took a bad experience but still had a lot of fun. Everything was taking care of at the end, and I would recommend going to Moosehead snowmobiling to anyone. Just make sure you bring lots of lucky charms. We never did make it to Pittston Farms, Bad Omen! Make sure you take the Black Fly Loop. This trail goes all the way around the lake. Just Beautiful. 2011TrailsSwett
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Ends Meat

images1ZCRXCXHFunny how we hear sayings and you wonder who in the heck came up with them. For instance- Ends Meat. It usually means someone is just getting by, scrapping for the last bits. The last bit of meat, the end of it. How about the bottom of the barrel. I often think about this one as a bunch of Stevedore’s after offloading a ship. They find one barrel of whiskey and are at the bottom of the barrel. Four drunken dock workers at the bottom. Another one is, cat gotcha tongue. Whoever had this happen had all rights to name this one. This really means a person is very quiet. Here is another, frog in your throat. This refers to something stuck in your throat and you are having trouble, maybe coughing. I just cannot imagine someone from another country coming here and trying to learn our language. We have slang words for everything. You hungry? How about pigs in a blanket. Now really how many people have been witness to pigs in blankets. This refers to a roll like dough wrapped around a hotdog. Even that is a funny word. Hotdog- Was this in reference to a dog, a wiener, you know the low to the ground dogs, the Dachshund. Certainly we have developed sayings or snippets that refer to a lot of stuff. Oh, a snippet is like the ketchup that is stuck to the bottle on the rim. I got to go because it is colder than a witches left titty. Good day everyone.blogengage, rss, affiliatelights, recurring commissions

These Walls Around Me

images4L5BVXD1The days can be cold and long here in Maine. I was observing an elderly woman today and she said something that tugged at my heart. She asked the owner of the store what he does to keep busy. He told the old lady this is it. I work here and perform everyday business, this keeps me busy.She told him I wish I had something to do. The walls have been closing up on me. Really sad when I thought about this for a moment. She was probably a widow and had no children around. She didn’t have any hobbies, or anyone to give the stuff to. The temperature outside has been awfully cold and it is not even winter yet. I felt for this older lady because she has a long winter ahead of her and probably no one to come home to. This was an observation that made me think real hard. We are getting older too. Time is of the essence. I better get a move on life or the walls are going to close on me too.