Beer Making Business-Failure or Success?


Years ago I tried making beer. I bought a kit that included the 5 gallon jug and all the beer making stuff included. The first part told me to boil the stuff in this bag and add water and sugar. No problem I could do this I had made a pie before. So the stuff started to boil and I was really not paying too much attention until it hit the critical temperature and Mt St. Helen’s erupted and made the biggest mess I have ever seen on the stove top. My wife wasn’t too impressed with this adventure. I brought the temperature down a little and things started to look much better. When this process was done it told me to add water and put this brine into the 5 gallon jug and to put a stopper on the top with a bubbler. I would watch these bubbles until I fell asleep every night. Bubble Bubble! I’m thinking how long does this take, come on, 2 weeks and still bubbling. Well, finally one day after getting back from work I checked it and the bubble process had stopped. The book told me that it was time to start bottling. I went down to the local bottle redemption center and asked for nice green bottles. You know Heiny or something like that. I also wouldn’t mind having those Corona bottles there. I looked into the bottle and there was green mold. I asked the clerk what the heck was in them. He told me people put lime’s or lemon’s in them. Ok, I figured I could clean them out with a little work. I got home and cleaned up all the bottles that night. I’m thinking this beer making business is not really that easy. The next day I was ready to bottle the beer and cap them. I had a long plastic tube which I was using as a siphon. I would put the bottle on the floor and bring the hose down into the bottle and fill it up. The problem that exsisted was I had no way at the time to really stop the beer from flowing once I started. The best method was to put the hose in my mouth between fills and exchanges of the new bottle. It was about halfway threw that I started to feel funny and a little giddy. I think by the end of the bottling I had consumed about one third of what I had made. I was finished with the process and had one hell of a buzz. I guess this beer was potent because I woke up with one heck of headache. I realized after making this beer that buying it at the store was much easier, really. I give it up to the real beer makers that don’t even use sugar and probably have a valve to shut off the flow. Bottles Up Everyone!


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