Lights Go Down In The City


I was living out in California the Lake Tahoe region and a few friends of mine and I decided to take a trip to Redwood City California to see one of my friends parents. I was styling in a 1954 Chevy and really wasn’t sure this car could make the big trip. We packed up our stuff and off we went heading south. The radio in the car was AM/FM but we found a station that we could sing along with some of the popular songs of the day. I noticed as we were driving that it had started to sprinkle and wasn’t too worried. We drove on and was enjoying each others company along the way. The visability now was getting worse and starting to rain much harder so I decided to turn on the windshield wipers. Whoosh Whoosh back and fourth about three trips then the wipers stopped working. What the heck, I flicked the switch a few times and nothing. How could the wipers fail now on our maiden voyage to the city. The boys and I stated to come up with a plan. Ole McGiver in the bunch gives his best advice. It is now pouring rain outside and driving is almost impossible. McGiver states that if we tie rope to each wiper we could run the wipers from within the car. So out of the car and we tied the ropes on the wipers. It was a genius decision and you know what it worked. I started the old Chevy up, turned on the radio and off we went. I cranked up the radio and the song, When the Lights Go Down in the City, was playing on the radio. I will never forget that song forever. Whenever I hear this song I am on my way to the city and riding in my Chevy with the boys. Funny how certain songs get etched into your brain like that. I’m sure everyone has had an experience like this. Tell me about some, I liked to hear them. Leave a comment here, That would be the easy way.


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