Golf? Fore Fore Fore

I was an athlete when younger. I played many sports throughout middle school and high school. I was never the best but tried real hard and did a relatively decent job. I listened to what the coaches were telling me and moved forward through the years trying to get to the top. I knew they had golf in high school but never went out for that sport because it conflicted with other sports I tried out for. images

I’m now older and want to explain my golfing experience at the beginning. I came to a local golf course and found the flag with No.1 being the first hole. I took a swipe and the ball went up pretty good but with a big curve. The next few shots I was digging for worms or something because I couldn’t hit that stupid little ball. I made it around and I think I was on the fourth hole and I was swinging and swinging and I hear a guy hollering at me. I’m think he is saying Fore. No not Fore, but hey you? I reply yes sir, he replies your doing it all wrong. I look and this guy only has one arm. Ok, this is not a good scene and I don’t want anyone to see me with this guy. Remember I was and athlete back in the day. Well he tells me not to pick my chin up and keep looking at the ball. He shows me how, and nails the ball, whoosh. It truly was an amazing shot for someone with a handicap. So I never take anything for granted and always try to listen to what someone else has to say because there is always someone better than you at something. I have learned what Four means now. It is me and the one armed guy at hole Four.


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