Daddy Daddy I Miss You


My little girl was like any other child. She played with dolls and had friends but something was missing. She is playing in the living room and she is rocking back and forth and she is crying. I must find out what the problem is with her because this is not the first time. I hear her talking with her doll friends and listen in on the chatter. She is saying, my dad he is an army man and he is fighting in a war but he is coming back soon I know because he told me so. I start to have tears in my eyes and only hope that time will heal. My husband died three months ago fighting for the freedoms of us in America. I cannot stop my own crying but want to help her in some way. How do I make her understand that her daddy is in heaven? I walk back to the kitchen and I can hear the coffee pot is just about done brewing. Daddy, Daddy, please give me a hug, I can hear this in the background. Her daddy was an outstanding person. In his civilian life he worked with disabled children and would give everything into his job. Now in his own death how could his past help this little child, his own, loving daughter who needed him. Only time really knows. So many children in this country are in this situation and need help. The mothers and fathers are grieving and sometimes need help. Just remember to always talk with your children and love and cherish every moment with them.


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