The War Inside Me


I was seventeen years old and a raging war was going across the State line. If I listened real hard at night I could hear the guns going off and men screaming. I lie awake and I’m shaking with the thought of those men out there and no one to help them. I made up my mind that if I ever was drafted I would join the corpsmen. This year I was going to get myself in shape by doing a lot of hard work around the farm. I know my dad had asked me several times to split some firewood but I kept putting it off. I was going to do this for my dad and myself. I worked the fields that summer putting in fence post and haying with my family. The end of the summer was coming and I was going to turn eighteen in the fall and old enough to enlist. I wasn’t going to tell my dad or mom until that day and only after I was of age. The day had finally come and I walked through the woods to town and could see the other young men standing in line to say the oath. I made it to the line and stood, proud of my decision to become a man. I walked up to the recruiter, raised my hand and said the oath. He told me I have to be at the meeting hall at the end of town and that is where I would receive my shots and retrieve my medic bag and weapon. They was going to give me one day of training before being sent to the front line. I went home that night and was fighting off nerves to stand up and tell my parents. Mom, Dad, I joined the corpsmen and I’m leaving in the morning. To my surprise my Dad and Mom gave me a big hug and told me to be safe. Hugs and Kisses did follow. I woke up in the morning, off to the meeting hall I went. The Sargent advised all of us that one and ten would survive so you better do your job if you want to come home. Our squad was attached to a regiment and off we went to the sound of guns in the distance. We was walking in a straight line when all of sudden the earth shook. I looked up ahead and saw a mans arm had been shot off. I ran up to him as fast as I could and grabbed a strap I had in the medic bag and tied it around and above the gruesome wound. The bleeding resided and another corpsmen and I dragged him back to end of the line so we could monitor his vitals. Another large explosion and my ears are ringing and the dust is blowing all over the place. I try to catch my breath and I’m now coughing so hard. Finally I catch my breath and see that the whole front of the line has been mowed down by that explosion. Again with my medic bag I run to the front and I’m now treating two soldiers. The soldier on the right tells me to grab his dog tag and tell his wife that he loved her dearly. This soldier takes his last breath right in front of me. I have never been exposed to this in my life and wondering if I made the right decision to join. The other soldier is calling out for help, Medic! Medic! I’m right here soldier what is hurting you right now. He tells me that his right leg is broken and he is very dizzy from the concussion. I grab what I have in my bag, not much, but I have a small board and some bandages. I told him to grit his teeth because this was going to hurt. I pulled his leg and applied the board to the outside of his leg and wrapped it in a bandage. Bang! Bang! The lights go out, I’m in a field putting up fence post.



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