We Dont Talk Funny In Maine


Funny growing up here in Maine. We have picked up different slang from all over the state. I still wonder where all these words came from. One saying comes to mind. He went off into the road, right into the pucker brush. This in reference to going into the raspberry bushes. Another is Ayuh, which in our language book refers to yes. I know different parts of the country have their own slang. I have to tell you that Maine, in general, has many depending what part of the state you live in. The Maine coast has what we call the downeast accent. You can’t get lobstah from hee-yahhhh. And Ayuh probably came from that region. The extreme north has been influenced by the Canadians so they speak with French twist. The central part of the state there is a lot of farming. The accent there is a little different than the North and South. Here is some other slang. Cocker- Meaning it was a grand event. Usetah- It used to be that way. Mired- Stuck in the mud with an off road, or even and on road vehicle. Bier- Beer. You cant get there from Hee-yahhhh! I really think that a lot of the slang here came from our forefathers that didn’t ever go to the dentist. Teeth was an option, beer was not. So if you ever come to this State enjoy the language which we have developed. AYUP!


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