Turkey’s Oh My


It is wonderful when you have a truck because just about anything can go in them. I was styling in a used Chevy S-10 with a cap. I loved that truck and it was good off road. One day my uncle and my dad called to ask for a little help and a sweet deal for me and the S-10. Listen to this deal, ok I’m game give it to me. Uncle Maurice has all these turkey’s and wants to use your truck to bring them to the butcher shop. What is in it for me? Ok because you are going to let him use the truck he will give you a nice fat and plump turkey. Hey! That is a no brainer, sweet deal, of course Uncle Maurice can use the truck. So Maurice came, stuffed the turkey’s in the bed and off he went. Wow, what a deal I just made, it just doesn’t get any better than that just before Thanksgiving day right? The truck made it back and my dad tells me there is a slight problem. Huh? Well I forgot to tell you that Turkey’s crap at a rate than no other creature on this planet. I put a garden hose to the back and cleaned it out the best I could. Pee-you it still smelled like turkey butt. The value of my S-10 had gone down at this point. I couldn’t go out on a date with this truck anymore. So you just never know when a good deal can go sour in a minute. Gobble Gobble- Enjoy the holiday Everyone. I’m buying our Turkey out of grocery store for now on.


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