Four Eye’s and Now I R’s One


Reflecting back in my childhood years the comment hey Four Eyes would be heard quite often. Yes, very harsh words to a young child. Back in the days when most children were giving glasses if their grades were dropping. Your son or daughter is having trouble seeing the chalkboard seemed like a perfect answer to the parents when grades were dropping. The fact really was your son or daughter was being bullied by harsh words, Hey Four Eyes? The saying, always watch what you say because some day it might come to haunt you really is true. In my older years now, but not a person who was bullying about four eyes, have been burdened with wearing glasses. So I have become four eyes. Another great thing my dad always told me, keep your nose clean and don’t burn bridges. Someone you didn’t like and you let it be known, could some day be your boss. REMEMBER THIS! So true today.  Any stories about same situations or indifferent please leave a comment. I write short stories and English is my first language. I just blame it on the stupid teacher with four eyes who didn’t care if I passed or not. No just kidding!


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