My Canadian Connection


My relatives go back to France and moved to Canada in the Three Rivers area of Quebec. There my Grandfather moved to the United States with his family. When he was a young boy, his parents could not afford to live and all the children that were old enough to work were kicked out of the house and forced to live on their own. My grandfather worked building railroads in the Arizona region at one point in his life. He came back to Maine and started working in the paper mill industry and worked like 46 years or so. I am full French/Canadian and cannot speak French. This has always driven me crazy. My folks would speak French all the time when I was a child but only to keep stuff they didn’t want my brothers or I to hear. I did pick up some French, mostly swear words and what was at the dinner table. Kids in school were taught English in our area and the French language slowly went away . Still very sad and I wish today I had that language under my belt. They tried to teach us French in high school but it was French as spoken in France and not Canada. I dropped out of this class. Today I still look at where I came from with great admiration for what my relatives had to endure just for us to be where I am today.


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