The Tundra Is Frozen


I was on a research team for Ocean Industries Inc. back in my younger years. We was going to explore the regions of seismic activity in the Black Sea. I remember one night the crew and I were in the mess hall enjoying our beef stew when the ship shuddered. We were all very silent, each looking into each others eyes with a doom and gloom stare. I spoke first, but only for second, when a second shudder startled us. This time there were alarms going off and voice commands, report to your emergency stations. The captain came on the speaker again and told us that we came upon a shelf of ice and that it was possible the screw was damaged because we lost power and couldn’t go in reverse. Oh great it was -30 deg C outside, and we was stranded. We gathered all the warm gear that we could but I still didn’t have warm enough boots to go up on the deck and stand for hours. The crew and I all gathered top deck and we knew it was going to be a long time for anyone to come rescue us. The food was already low because we were at the end of our research . We was taking a different route back, the captain told us, but I had a funny feeling in my gut when he told us it was a shortcut. We are standing on the deck trying to secure stuff for the long haul and I’m freezing. I cannot feel my toes anymore and one of my crew members is almost crying. I’m thinking what the heck are you crying for? We are all in this together, right? My moustache is frozen to my upper lip and my ear feels like frozen chicken wings. We have to work hard and fast because a storm is coming. I can see dark clouds in the sky and in the same direction that we was going to take. My bones are starting to ache and my eyelids keep sticking. My nose keeps sticking every time I try to breath through my nose. I cannot wait to get below deck. We are just about done with securing everything when all of a sudden the engine quits. The captain hollers at us to go check the engine room to see what the problem is. I am second in line and just as we get to the door to the engine room we see smoke coming out. We are now with no power, freezing,and no rescue in site. A dream can be so vivid.


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