We Called it Helicopter Skiing


I lived in Kings Beach, California when I was 18 years old. This is a small town located in Lake Tahoe. This is the Sierra Mountains and I lived at 6300 ft elevation. The mountains from the lake are enormous and the roads curve all through the area. I had some friends that were ski bums just like myself and we decided one day to travel toward one ski area. I believe it was called Ski Reno at the time which was located off highway 80 on the Nevada side . The two friends and I decided to chip in money for gas and we headed toward the ski slope and when we were almost to the top we stopped. The road curved around the mountain so we figured that we could ski down about 3000 feet in virgin powder. Two would hop out of the car and ski down this beautiful landscape. Everything you ever dreamed about skiing in powder was all of that here. We would all take turns carving our way down then meet at the road again. We called it helicopter skiing because it was like being dropped off on the top of a mountain with the helicopter, except we only had a small car with a ski rack. I would have to say that was the best skiing I ever had and didn’t pay but 5 bucks for gas. I will have to tell you about downhill skiing at Squaw Peak someday. I dropped off a cornice and about died. That is another story and someday will write about that- As my friend here in Maine always states” IF YOUR NOT ON THE EDGE THEN YOUR TAKING UP TOO MUCH SPACE.


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