Ferry Boat Ride Of A Lifetime


When I was young every summer my folks would take my three brothers and I over to Vinalhaven, Maine. This was a small Island off from the shores of Rockland. One trip over would take awhile and I would get a little queasy from the trip. This ferry would carry passengers and also automobiles. Friends of ours had a summer cottage on the island and we would go there to visit and eat and be festive. I remember the skipper of the ferry was a friend of the people we would go visit. One day my brother and I got to go in the wheelhouse and the skipper let us steer the vessel. Turn so many degree’s and stay at 180 degree’s he would call out. You know for a little guy this really makes you feel like a captain for a day. I had a grin from ear to ear and my brother too. The childhood memories, what a great trip it has been. You have any adventures like this? Let me know I would love to hear it. Ahoy! Check out this Ferry today.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVD4t4RWKXQ


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