You Feel That? I Did


      I will never forget the day we had a small earthquake here in Central Maine. It doesn’t compare to anything like you hear out West or Japan, but never the less it was real that day. I was sitting with my daughter at the breakfast bar and my son was on the computer upstairs. Just chatting with my then 5 year old daughter when I heard something outside and it was very loud. A rumbling sound, you can tell that it was moving because the sound was getting closer and closer. It then hit the house,the windows and floor shook. It was weird because you still could tell it was moving and the sound went threw the house and out the other side,  you could still hear that noise going away from us.My daughter started crying because she had never felt or heard a noise like that either. I called up to my son and he states, what the heck was that? At first I thought he fell down the stairs. I then thought maybe the furnace blew up. I then realized it was an earthquake. I’m not a scientist but figured this out after a few thought checks. It was only a 3.2 on the scale but certainly here in Maine large enough for us to feel it. The earth beneath us can shift wherever you are in the world. I will buy another pair of shorts just to prepared for the next shaking.


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