A tragic accident leaves a scar for life. Jake was an energetic young man with goals in life just like any other young man. The joy to have a son, the first child is so special and this gives us the first time being a parent so this makes it very special. Jake was trying different jobs to see what really interested him. I know that he would have put his heart and soul into anything when he finally landed the dream job. I watched this young boy grow through the years and become a man. He was so polite and would give the shirt off his back if you needed it. His step father had raise him almost from a baby and loved him like he was his own. Jake had two fathers that he loved very much. His mom loved him very much too and was always looking out for him and taking him to all his sporting events or rides to his friends. Jake had two sisters that looked up to him, being the big brother. His mom and dad would spend summers at a campground which would give the kids the freedom to become young adults with local kids, some they went to school with. This camping gave Jake the outdoors that he needed and his family loved so dearly. It has been a year now that Jake passed and we know in heaven he is looking down on his family and saying I’m ok mom and dad, you prepared me for this. Life is only a short time and I’m watching down and taking care of you until we meet back at my camping spot. I still remember the smile and laughs with Jake and to this day I don’t ever want to forget how special of a boy he was to everyone.


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