Free!-Oh Give Me A Break

Funny Monkey in Glasses_7

How many times have you filled your name to a raffle and won, then to be let down when the tell you to go see a condo or time shares? I have to go back in time when my dad had signed up down in Florida. The first prize was a speed boat and second was a camper. He received the call. Mr. Smith you have won. You have a choice actually, boat or camper. I will take the boat. Yeah! He is all excited then they tell him to come down and pick it up. I don’t have a truck to haul it so can you deliver it. The answer was NO. What? Come on I won it right. Yes you did, so bring it to me. My dad figured it out. It was a scam to get you down there to purchase a camper or trade for a boat. He told them to shove it. I had the same thing happen to me. Of all times during Xmas shopping in a mall. I walked with my wife and saw a raffle to win a Jeep. I plunked my name and number and on my shopping way I went. After Xmas I receive a call, this is so and so from the mall and you have won a jeep. Yeah! They actually left a message on my answering machine to call the 1-900 number between the hours of so and so. Every time I called it would say please call back later. So after several tries, like seven, this fellow answers the call. He states actually you didn’t officially win but you have to meet at the hotel and try out a key. If yours starts it you win. Being a smart fella, I figured out their scam. This is how the jeep was funded. Every person that called 1-900 number has to pay for those calls. I called seven times and the other and other and other people too. I told that guy he could take that key and place it in a region, well you know where. So just remember what your parents and friends tell you. Free is never free. Read between the lines.


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