One Step Forward Two Back


Why does it seem like you move ahead one day then back the next. I decided I better get off my rear and get the plow truck running before old man winter arrives. I have been moving forward this fall very well. The leaves have been a real problem around here, seems like and endless chore. The wood was another big chore that had to be done. So back at the plow truck again. I have an old truck that just sits around all summer waiting for the job it has waited for. The first thing I did, I have to go back to this summer, is try to start it to keep the fluids sloshing around. I opened the door and I’m met by bee’s. I go to the garage and get the spray. Whoosh! That batch of bees are eradicated. Ok I turn the key and the battery is dead, Nada! Back to the garage to get the jump starter. The truck starts and now it’s ready for fall. So back here now at fall and it’s starting to look like winter. I open the truck door and notice mice droppings. Oh, great! I open up the glove box and a big nest is packed in it. That night I decided to put a mouse trap in the cab. The next morning I look and the trap is triggered but no mouse. Two more days and trap is triggered and no mouse. I try a different mouse trap, the original type, old wooden one and this morning I had a mouse. Ok, success so I move forward again. I try to start and the battery and it is dead again. Darn it! Back to the garage again to retrieve the jump starter. The truck fires up, varoom! I take the jump starter off and close the hood. Now to the plow that is down. I need to raise this rusted old plow up so I can drive it to the driveway and vacuum out the mice droppings . I try to raise the plow and the truck stalls. Not enough voltage and the motor sucks down the current needed to run the electronics in the vehicle. Open the hood again, jump starter, then varoom again. I let it run for a bit and try the plow again. Up and away it goes. Next move is to get the rust off the brakes. I drive the truck down the driveway and push the brakes. A little sticky but working fine. I put the truck and reverse and back it up the driveway. This is when I see a cloud of dust looking through the windshield. Hey wait, that isn’t dust its smoke. Oh shucks, what’s next? The truck is still running so I hop out of the truck to investigate this smoke issue. First I’m looking for fire and do not see any. I then look and fluid is leaking out and it is spraying on the exhaust system. After further investigation I find a transmission fluid line has burst. This is a tubing line from transmission cooler to the  transmission. Just never seem to get ahead. I try to fix this problem myself but where the leak is I cannot reach and I have nothing to repair it with. Two back and one forward always seems to happen. Let me know if you have any situations like this. You can leave a comment here on my blog.  and my friends can leave a comment on facebook. I’m sure you folks have stories like this.


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