Cold Toes Go Into The Oven


Your toes are precious and cold, please honey can I warm them up? Been a long night and doing some outdoor training in late November here in Maine. It is 26 degrees F and really starting to be a toe chiller type of night. It is not bad if you jump out of your car then into a nice warm car. This training we are doing with the fire department requires us to be out for a couple hours. Yes we are tough firemen but we are human and the cold does get to us too. So thinking about all the things that can warm a person up when cold. Sitting next to a fire, or putting one out. Yes! Having a nice hot warm coffee or hot chocolate. Yes! Standing in front of a dryer, stupid one? How about laying in a nice warm bed. Ah, so here I am laying in bed and the significant other jumps into bed. Yes, I’m nice and warm and the blankets are all wrapped around me. She jumps into the bed and in one quick motion she take her very cold feet and plows them right into my legs for warmth. It is a procedure called “putting the toes into the oven”. I do believe it is a documented scientific procedure. Look it up. Within minutes the chiller is all warm and I’m  laying here trying to warm back up.


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