Trip To The City


It was a cold day and a trip was planned to help our son move further south in Maine. He was moving to South Portland Maine. He works for the Railroad and needed to move closer to work. I hopped into my pick-em-up truck and met him at the storage units. I received a call from my son, Dad? It is going to take a little longer because someone changed my lock. He called the company and they responded telling him the storage units had been broken in. The guy met us a short time later and explained it all to us. Our son told me that if anything was stolen it probably was his HD TV. He opened the door and sure as hell that was stolen. The owner explained that you need your serial number. Ya right, most people do not write it down. So out of a TV for now but luckily he still had a 20 inch TV which they didn’t steal. The only problem was that TV was going home with me so I could upgrade the one I had in a spare room. Hey you got to take care of your kids first. We loaded the U-Haul type truck and off to the city we went. The rest is pretty uneventful but we made it without any other incidents. You know between two children it is getting hard moving these kids. I do have to say however that moving into an apartment on the first floor is much easier than the 3rd floor like our daughter is in and soon to moving out of. One of these days they will be settled and this moving stuff will be behind me.


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