Driving a Fire Truck


When I was a child and would hear a siren I would get excited. Oh to see a big red fire truck with its lights flashing was exciting. Never thought I would end up being a volunteer firefighter for 13 years now. I have driven the fire trucks and do find it exciting even to this day. I want to explain the time I took my EVOC test. This is emergency vehicle operation. The department had just purchased a new pumper/ tanker. This truck is a monster. It carries 2500 gallons of water and can auto side discharge water from both sides of the truck and from within the cab with controls. It also can dump water out the back of the truck. This is exciting in itself but the real story was taking the drivers test. I had worked my regular fulltime job nights. I worked from 11-7 or graveyard shift they call it. It was pouring outside that morning and I was very tired. The test went on and I asked the guys if it was ok with them that I go first because I wanted to go to bed soon. Ok no problem they stated. I had never even driven that Engine before and in the pouring rain I was in for a test and a half. The instructor told me to drive through the cones then back up through them like a slalom course. I couldn’t even see out the mirror because of the droplets on the mirror but I backed that BRT-( big red truck)- right around the cones without hitting them. Phew! How I did that I don’t know, backing up blind with a 34 foot long truck. I went through the other skills and only had trouble with one skill, I hit the cone, no ran over it. I can say that you respect mirrors when backing up one of these rigs. There is a lot of blind spots, so make sure not to walk too close to a fire truck that is moving at a fire scene or anywhere. So, if you see a fire truck coming down the road give them a wave and let them know how much you appreciate what they do. It took a long time to go from a young child to where this firefighter is today. It just doesn’t happen overnight. Wheeeeeeee!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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