Loss Of A Brother


My brother who was five years older was a very energetic young man. He went to college in Mass with a political science degree. He was top of his class in High School and had a personality like no other. He always wanted to explore the country so after college he hooked up a ride on a local radio station and started to the west coast. He arrived in Lake Tahoe and knew at that moment that was where he wanted to live. He landed a job at a Casino in Incline Village, Nevada as a security guard at first. He later worked as a Valet Parking Attendant. After working a little bit he was accepted into the dealing school and was a blackjack dealer. He was also working Valet and this older gentleman would always talk to him and one day my brother asked what the old man did for work. He was an executive for a major paper sales company. My brother told him that he once worked in the paper mill and this was the paper we made. The old man was so interested that he offered him an interview with the company. My brother landed a sales job with that company and was making a fortune at a very young age. Well life stood still when I received a call and my brother who I always looked up to was very ill and it was terminal. He fought a battle and my family received a call that we need to go out because he wasn’t going to live long. I took a trip out and left my own family to be there with him. He was 32 years old and the last words he said to me was. I should have some Grand words to say and I don’t have any. Wow, I have often thought about this, the last moments of your life and not a thing to say. He was always such a people person and always had words to say. At the end he was right. I have nothing else to say! He just checked out. Very sad and I miss him very much. 23 years have passed but I still today wonder what I will say in the end.



    1. I remember Steve telling me. Make sure to stay on his left side because he couldn’t see. His vision was down to a pin hole. I walked to his side and I said Mike this is Dwayne. His exact words. I should have Grand Words to say but I have none. That has haunted me for years. Thank You Andrea for the reply.


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