Transcontinental Line


Communication from Marconi was an amazing invention long ago. My twin brother was a true communication specialist at a very young age. I have to look back when he was twelve years old and he took a trip to Boston so he could take his Ham Radio test. Back then, there wasn’t too many places you could go to take the test. His interest in communications was like no other. When a young man he and some other neighbor boys ran wire from each others house and hooked this up so they could hear each other through earphones. My cousin, one of the young lads would have a time slot for a radio show every night. I will never forget in the later years when my dad was working his garden that he hooked onto this transcontinental line. He was like what the heck is this? I still laugh today thinking about it. These young men were so influenced that my cousin went into broadcasting. My brother is still a very active ham radio operator today at 52. I will never forget the day my brother hollered from the cellar and said, hey come down here. I am in contact with Cuba. United States didn’t have a 3rd party agreement with this country. He did get a spanking for transmitting. Science and communications. The world has evolved and we can never forget where all this came from. Little kids playing in the neighborhood. Image from Wikipedia.


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