The Great Buck Adventure


It was a day to remember when out hunting with relatives. The first time ever hunting for the great whitetail deer in the fields and woods of backcountry Maine. My brother-in-law let me use a 32 special rifle, which is a small gun considering what is out there for rifles. He told me it is small and compact and just right for hunting through the woods. I remember it was a cold day and decided to wear snowmobile boots to keep my toes warm. The problem with big boots is you make a lot of noise when walking in the woods. Ok, the feet was warm, but my relative told me to put this stink juice on me so the deer wouldn’t smell human scent. Darn that stuff stinks so bad there is no way a deer would possibly come within 2 miles of me. We trudged through the woods and I kept hearing a deer or at least I thought so. Funny things go through your mind when your in hunting mode. Wholly crap the wind is blowing like crazy out here today. A deer cannot possibly hear me crunching like a madman in these woods with all this wind. I hunted all day or at least I kept moving because if I didn’t I would turn into a popsicle, a stinky one at that. So the day moved along and I saw a few chipmunks and a few birds that made me take the safety off the gun. It was getting toward the end of the day and I decided it was time to return to the truck. I had enough of this hunting stuff. I didn’t want to get overloaded for my first hunting adventure. I’m at the truck now and sitting in the back of the bed in a lawn chair. Now this is my kind of hunting. My brother-in-law comes to the truck and tells me there is a few guys coming through the woods and you better pay close attention. I’m not really in hunting mode at this moment but I take my stance. From the corner of my eye I witness movement off to my left, at the edge of the woods, there is the great monster I have been waiting for. I stare him down and his head is down. We both look at each other. The first time hunter and the king of the woods. I can already tell who is going to win this match. I raise my gun with open sites and take my first shot. I missed by a mile, it has got to be that stinky stuff blurring my vision. I raise the gun for a second shot and shoot. Darn it! I missed again. I must be seeing double or something. The great deer with his big antlers looks at me and determines that this guy cannot shoot. He takes off with a mighty sprint right in front of me and I aim and shoot. I missed again, these must be fake bullets my relative has inserted into this gun. The deer is running so fast and with a last ditch effort I pull the gun up to my waist and do a Rifleman shot. Bang! Four shots and no deer. So this was the first time hunting and my adventure was a failure but I did get to see the whitetail I had come looking for. This big guy had another day to sniff out does, all I received was a stinky jacket and some bad press.


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