One Day With The Ants


What is all this pushing and shoving I’m thinking. The bugle rang out and we are all starting to gather at the entrance of the ant hill. One soldier calls out, we are moving to the other end of the field in search of food. One ant kicks me in the rear, get moving chump or I’m going to walk right over you. So we start marching and the line ahead is vast and I realize it is going to be a long day ahead. You know there is no worse smell than the ant in front of you with his rear right next to your nose. I have been doing this everyday, you think I would be used to it. So, we finally come to a stop and we are at a garden of some sort. The soldier in command tells us to bring as much food back to the hill as you can on your backs. I’m thinking easy for you to say. I finally have all the food pushed up on back with another ant friends help. I have the weight of a freight train loaded and now I’m back in formation on my trip back to the hill. Get going! Everyone is pushing and shoving and my knee’s are buckling with all this load. I look to my right and I can see a clump of dog droppings that look very inviting, but I keep on going. I can now see the great kingdom that we have built, damn my back is hurting. I am now at the entrance of the hill and I am suddenly brought to a halt. The load is too great and with the height on my back it will not fit into the tunnel. So the captain tells me you better get eating some of it. Your holding up everyone, Get going! Ok here I am chomping down the load I have carried across the vast field. I’m really not liking being an ant. I sit here all fat and happy and then fall asleep. Beep Beep Beep- Damn alarm clock!


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