Emergency Call Activated


The call rang out and every nerve in my body reacted. It was the first emergency call of my life. I slept with my clothes on because I wanted to be ready. The scanner was on the bed. Beep! Beep! Beep! Why is my wife hitting me in the side and all pissed off at me. I jump right out of bed and cannot find my shoes. Darn I have to take a piss but no time, I have a call. I run down the stairs, with my heart pounding. I’m not sure if I missed the last few steps. I run out to the truck in my slippers then run back to the garage to find my shoes. Ok, Where was that call again? I jump into the truck and now cannot find my keys. I left them on the dresser back in the bedroom. I run upstairs, back down again and back out to the truck. I start the truck up put on my red flashing light and a call comes out over the radio. MEDIC’s call has been cancelled! Are you kidding me, I responded to my first call and your going to cancel on me. I go back into the house and prepare myself for another response. I hope all wont be like this.


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