Where Have The Children Gone


Oh the sounds of children playing, screaming, and laughing. We have been put into a group of parents without kids. The children are now adults and have children of their own. I still to this day will hear a noise and wonder if that is my young daughter or son coming down the stairs when the dog makes his way down. The empty nest is what it is called, and now I understand this feeling. We have two children and enjoyed every bit of raising these kids. We went to all the sporting events and cheered with all the other parents. We held our children when they were sick and also comforted them when needed. We are now grandparents and put our heart and soul into this young child like it is our own. Wait! Thought I heard daddy? daddy? Come here for a minute. You see, that is what I mean. You can be in one place and something will trigger and your right back there in time with your children. So my spouse and I move on through this path and will never forget the great moments with our children.


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