Where Did You Come From Anyway?

imagesBehavior comes from within and out of within. Sure we look at our inner self and control of how we act based on decisions made. How come I kicked that tire so hard and broke my toe. Why did I hit that window so hard when I was mad. Why am I screaming at my loved one over spilled milk. So you have to always look back further from where you came from. The cycle begins early on and maybe at childbirth. We only behave on how we were programmed. Structure and control is needed but needs to have answers of justification to be a solid foundation to how we become and how we react. The teacher needs to teach the teacher for future generations to break the behavior cycle good or bad. We hear this over and over but still today read in the paper how this person and this person did this and we are shocked. How do we break the cycle? I do know you have to look at the parents first- they are the chain. So I know where I came from and respect them dearly. If someone doesn’t know how to change bad behavior then seek out someone that can help break that chain for future generations. It isn’t going to change overnight but over time can make a significant difference. I know where I came from and wouldn’t change a thing.


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