Where Is The Answer?


To understand something you will never know unless you ask. I have to go way back when in elementary school. The teacher would always tell you to raise your hand if you have anymore questions. As I look back in the memory bank and try to get a snapshot of all the kids in the class, no one ever raised their hands. So as a much wiser person, I have come to the conclusion that at my age it is never too late to ask if you don’t know something. I have realized that the computer in my brain has only stored memory of what I have gathered or been taught. I think if only I would have asked more questions threw the years would I be a much wiser person.  I think people in general are shy to ask questions. I had a technical question at work, actually two today, that I have been thinking about but didn’t have it all figured in my head. I asked someone and I received two explanations that brought it all together. So don’t be worried that someone wont answer the questions. Raise your hand!


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