There’s Snow In Them Hills


I lived on the East coast for most of my life and was around snow. I remember back in 1969 or so, the snow was piled up to the windows on the house. My Dad had to shovel off the roof and with the snow piled below, me and my brothers slid down the roof into the piles. We didn’t have a snow blower back in those days. Who needs them with four scrapping young boys in the house. My Dad was a good boss back in those days. I also remember that school buses would run in any weather. The neighborhood kids and I would stand out waiting in a blizzard. Sometimes it was so cold standing there holding our books. We didn’t use backpacks in those days. I thought I had seen snow before, but was in for quite a surprise when I moved to Lake Tahoe. One storm we had, I remember well, I had to go to work in the morning and when I looked outside I couldn’t see my car which was in the driveway. I stood on the top of the roof and had to shovel down to get to the car. Guess I had to hitchhike that day into work and continued the next day shoveling. I finally made headway in the driveway and started up the 54 Chevy I had. I put her in reverse, gunned it, and down the driveway I went. Drove that sucker right into the snow bank right on the opposite side of the driveway and got her stuck in the bank. So I do know, that some places in this country get piled up with the white stuff a lot more than where I grew up. Oh, My Dad bought a snow blower shortly after we moved out. Smart man!


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