My Dad and His Service


My Dad is a Korean War Veteran- I do know that he worked a little in the paper mills as a young man then he was drafted. He was in the Infantry and was a FO, forward observer for the Howitzer’s. I know his hearing was damaged and he now wears hearing aids. I cannot imagine being a young man back then or today just finishing high school then going to a foreign country to fight a war. I have never myself been in the service but want to thank my Dad and any other members of the military services. What you folks have done is to make sure we have our freedom. My Dad came back from the war, I’m sure with memories, some good and some bad. He connected with one of his army buddies years ago. I thought it was interesting that the guy had the same first and last name as my Dad. A lot of info about my dad being in the war I’m sure is hidden within and I will never know what he went through. I am so proud of my Dad.


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