Technology-The Path of Change

2013-08-22 07.55.57

As a young boy I remember the day technology changed. It was back in the late 60’s when watching TV when my parents brought out a game. We had never seen anything like this. It was a time of cartoons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The only path of technology we had was turning the rotor on the TV which was cool. You would turn the rotor for direction of the station. Maybe 6 channels was all that was available. There was no remote for the TV either, I think this is why we was in good physical condition back in those days. The word couch potato wasn’t even in the vocabulary yet. My folks brought out a box and my dad hooked it up. He tuned the TV to a certain channel and Varooooom! A screen appeared in front of our eyes. It was all green with a curser that would move on your side of the table. This game was called PONG or ping pong. A ball would be introduced and a game of tennis or ping pong was played. Wow! We played this game over and over until we thirsted for more technology. Back then there wasn’t any other games available. I really came from the beginning of an era of technology. When I was in college we had to get our name on a list just to use the one computer at the school so we could do our papers on computer. This was in 1980-1982 and computers really had not taken off yet. Boy was we in for a wild ride just a few years afterward. It makes me wonder what is in the near future, I’m sure it will be something that will totally blow our minds2013-08-14 04.31.31


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