TV Does Influence Us

The cold mornings, like 33 degrees reminds me that it is time to sharpen the skates. The last time I went skating was at a roller skating park in Livermore Falls. Oh, that is a different kind of skating. So back to the cellar to see if I can find the skates that I purchased at Wilson’s back in 1972. I have to remember or not remember the time I was ice skating across the street in the local skate …park. Raymond and Hilda Fuller I’m sure was watching every move to make sure us kids were being safe. I walked to the edge of the frozen skate pond and tightened my laces. Funny things go on in your mind when your gliding across the pond. I thought I was Peggy Fleming or something and the last twirl  I made I fell flat on my ass. I can be a tough son of a gun so I stood myself back up for another adventure. You know TV does influence kids. I know first hand the fact that Bugs Bunny grabbed a branch that was hanging over the ice rink and swung around and glided back upon the ice. I was destined for failure because I grabbed that pine branch going across the edge and implanted two teeth into the limb. Today I will sharpen my skates but with a deep thought process of my safety and will say hello to my watches the Fullers and maybe next time my teeth will not have to be porcelain. Enjoy the day, I know I will.

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